One of a kind energy ice-stick launches in South Africa

    Exciting NEWS

    (Cape Town, South Africa: 29 October 2018) Exciting news for adrenalin junkies and those who enjoy an active lifestyle, gaming or just generally need an energy boost to stay focused – a brand new, one of a kind energy product is about to hit local shores this summer. Dynamice, a refreshing ice-stick with a guarana energy kick, will be available in South Africa from 20 November 2018.

    All the way from The Netherlands

    The brainchild of two Dutch friends, Dynamice ice-sticks come in two flavours, sweet cherry and lemon-lime. Not only is the product great tasting, but it contains no taurine and is manufactured with only the highest quality ingredients, including extracts of the guarana berry. Guarana is known to be an excellent source of caffeine, which helps maintain focus and mental energy. It acts on the central nervous system to prevent fatigue and break down lactic acid from muscle stress.

    Dynamice is produced under the highest level of professional quality standards at a private ice factory in Belgium. The ice-sticks are frozen in a special way which adds to its unique taste experience,” says Robert van Dommelen, Sales Director of Dynamice. “The combination between the taste, the structure of the ice and the guarana makes it an unforgettable taste experience.”

    Dynamice will be available at selected stockists, sporting events and music festivals soon.

    Is SA ready?

    We strongly believe that the South African community is ready for the Dynamice experience. The climate, sporting culture, beaches, events and active lifestyle of this market makes launching this unique product in South Africa ideal,” continues van Dommelen. “We are extremely excited to venture into this country.”

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